Some Projects at a Glance

While serving as Creative Director at Guru, I worked on a number of brand refreshes, campaigns and even a first-ever conference on purpose. The five projects featured above include:

  • Purpose360  |  Naming, identity and applications 
    A conference by the Work On Purpose division of Echoing Green
  • and Mindpod Network  |  Identities and websites
    Two offerings from the Love Serve Remember Foundation
  • REV  |  Naming, identity and applications
    Formerly True Market Solutions, a business sustainability company
  •  |  Identity and applications
    A merger of five organizations to become the leading voice of the Bay Area
  • Social Venture Network (SVN)  |  Applications
    Conference collateral for this organization of social entrepreneurs

      What I did

  • Creative direction
  • Naming
  • Identities
  • Websites
  • Print/screen applications
  • Guidelines