Universe of Faith

Entertainment Arts Research Inc. is a video game developer and publisher, known for breaking traditional gaming barriers of race, ethnicity and religion. When they approached us to design an identity for their online virtual world (that later became a multimedia portal) for people of all faiths, we decided to provide them with an elegant metaphor. 

As insects that change direction in the spur of a moment, dragonflies symbolize many things to many cultures — positive force, power, light, joy, balance and new beginnings. Though small, their colors shine brightly.

The Universe of Faith dragonfly emerges from a crest — a nod to history and the foundation that faith can provide — with an ornate pattern of flourishes that symbolize the many directions one can travel in both the real and virtual world.

Created on behalf of Siegel+Gale

      What I did

  • Identity
  • Print/screen applications
  • Guidelines